What is Physiotherapy?

The physiotherapist is a care provider who is an expert in posture and movement. He/she will help you prevent, remedy or reduce your physical complaints and ensure that you can move optimally again. The care of a physiotherapist fits your personal situation and is aimed at the goal you want to achieve. Physiotherapy is one of the main reasons for choosing supplementary insurance.


Our physiotherapists:

The physiotherapists within FysioFit Amsterdam are recognized and up to date regarding the most recent "scientific" insights in our profession. This is to guarantee our quality.


Physiotherapy at home.

Have you recently had an operation that prevented you from leaving home? Then we can treat on location. A referral from the general practitioner/specialist is required for this. Do you need physiotherapy at home, but have not had surgery. There are also options for home treatment. A referral is required for this. For more information, contact your insurer.


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